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CG About Us

About Us

Based in Fountain Valley, CA, Cutters makes gloves and accessories geared for Football and Baseball for serious athletes seeking the highest-performing equipment.

How Cutters Started

Founded by Jeff Beraznik, who played college football in Canada in the 1990’s and had a hand injury that forced him to wear gloves if he was to continue playing. Not satisfied with any available football gloves on the market, he came across industrial gloves used by glass handlers and cutters.These gloves did the trick – they not only allowed him to finish the season, but led to years of research to develop the concept into high-performance sports gloves. This was the launching pad for Cutters Gloves.

What Makes Cutters the Best

C-TACK™ Performance Grip Material is the only one where the grip is part of the material. This innovation not only creates a strong grip, but a grip that is self-restoring and performs in all weather conditions. When your Cutters Gloves get dirty, simply machine wash or wipe down with a damp towel and your grip will be restored. We are the pioneers of performance grip material. Although other companies have attempted to meet our standards, they don’t match our grip, durability, or overall performance. Our technology is a trade secret. We are glove experts. Cutters are crafted from the highest quality materials for the best performance and durability. Our gloves are also made with our exclusive C-TACK™ Performance Grip Material, where the grip is part of the material – not a post application. Other gloves may look similar, but other companies typically use a silicon application on their gloves that results in an inferior grip, and a grip that will peel off, will wear out more quickly, and does not self-restore.

What Makes C-TACK‚Ñ¢ Special

Cutters C-TACK™ provides the strongest, most consistent, most durable grip possible. It is a part of the gloves, not something that is applied after the gloves have been produced. C-TACK™ is also a self-restoring, permanent grip that will not wear away and works in all weather conditions – even wet weather. Most of our gloves are machine washable and it is encouraged that they are washed regularly. The C-TACK™ on our batting gloves provides strong bat grip so you can relax your muscles, generate quicker bat speeds to be a better hitter

Athlete Testimonials


  • Frank Gore ‚Äì ‚ÄúBy far the best gloves I‚Äôve ever used. The grip is ridiculous.‚Äù
  • Anquan Boldin ‚Äì ‚ÄúThe grip is crazy. Everybody knows they‚Äôre the best.‚Äù