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How to Choose Your Next Pair of Football Gloves

May 15, 2018 3 min read

Football gloves are a critical part of every football player's gear bag, but especially for certain positions. Receiver gloves can help players catch passes, while running back gloves can help prevent a fumble, and lineman gloves provide additional padding to protect against hard hits. Every player has different needs, luckily there are a variety of glove options available to fit those needs. Below are a few things to consider when buying your next pair of football gloves:

Football Glove Grip

The number one feature of any football glove is its grip. No one wants to have slippery hands when catching a pass or rushing down the field, and modern football gloves come with grippy palms to keep a firm grasp on the ball at all times. The Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) require that all gloves conform to certain standards from the SFIA, so make sure your gloves meet SFIA specifications before you buy.

Cutter's C-TACK technology is the grippiest material you can get for football gloves, covering the palm, fingers and fingertips. Keeping the gloves sticky is as easy as wiping the palms down with a damp cloth, and the gloves stay sticky in cold, rain, snow or shine to keep you performing at your best in all weather conditions.

Football Gloves Grip

Protecting Your Hands with Football Gloves

Football players take hard hits to every part of their body, so it's easy to forget to protect your hands when you're already wearing a helmet, pads, mouth guard, girdle and more. However, it is critical to make sure your hands are protected when playing football. Most gloves provide some light protection on the back of the hand, while others will integrate padding directly into the glove for harder hits.

Keep in mind that more padding means less flexibility, so we recommend skill players such as WR, RB, and DBs utilize lighter gloves like the Rev 3.0 or Rev Pro 3.0. For more protection, the Gamer 3.0 are great tight end gloves that provide protection with plenty of grip. For linebacker gloves and lineman gloves, we recommend the Force 3.0 for its ultimate protection and double wrist straps for added wrist support.

Comfort & Fit of Football Gloves

It's incredibly important for your gloves to fit correctly and be comfortable while on the field. If your gloves are too big, you may find them slipping on your hands and lose control of the football easily. Too small, and your hands will be constricted and you won't be able to get a tight grip on the football.

Before you buy, make sure you consult the size chart for your gloves and measure precisely to ensure you get the best fit possible. Most gloves are designed to fit close to the skin, utilizing flexible fabrics to maximize comfort. Also, look for gloves that are ventilated. Most gloves have ventilation between the fingers to keep your hands dry and comfortable. Some even have perforated palms for added ventilation without the loss of performance.

Football Gloves Style - Printed Palms

Football Gloves Style

There's no denying that today's football players love to show off their own personal style on the field, even creating their own personalized cleats. Gloves come in a wide variety of colors, designs and prints, and even the palms can have printed designs. Some players may want to match their team colors, while others will want a color that  to make a statement on the field.

If you really want to make a personal statement with your gloves, you can design your own pair of custom football gloves. Either way, make sure you love the way your gloves look and you feel confident every time you put them on.

How to Choose Your Football Gloves

When choosing your next pair of football gloves, think about the following 4 features before you buy:

  • Grip: Make sure your gloves provide excellent grip to prevent a dropped pass or fumbled ball
  • Protection: Buy gloves that provide appropriate protection for your hands, think about your position and how often you endure hard hits
  • Comfort & Fit: Check the sizing chart and select the right size for you to make sure your gloves fit perfectly
  • Style: Everyone performs better when they feel their best, and if you look good, you feel good

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