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We're Turning a Page, And So Are You...

February 15, 2018 2 min read



Millions of football players have trusted Cutters since the brand released its very first glove in 1997. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you count yourself among them. Founder Jeff Beraznik truly changed the game when he created gloves that had never been seen before, inspired by those worn by glass handlers and cutters. These gloves helped him play college football in Canada after a hand injury, and they have helped football players get a better grip on the ball and play with more confidence.

Cutters has been dedicated to football for 21 years. Today, we’re turning a page and re-dedicating ourselves to the game that made our greatness the greatest.

We are now all-in on football. To highlight that all-in focus, we have refreshed the Cutters brand logo and motto. “Grip The Greatness” now accompanies our bold, edgy, intense new look.

Watch this video to see how Cutters has evolved:


Cutters is dialed in and amped up—and we continue to dial in and amp up the science of amazing grip. Our proprietary C-TACK grip technology has a firm grasp on industry leadership, helping us deliver locked-in confidence with substance, style and science.

The dependability, durability, and grip that you have come to expect from Cutters continues with the new 3.0 series of gloves, leading off with the launch of Rev Pro 3.0, Rev Pro 3.0 Solid and Rev 3.0. Not only have we enhanced fit and feel, we’ve added fresh printed palm designs while making sure the stick of C-TACK stays intact:



We’ve also updated our customizable BYOG (“Build Your Own Glove”) program with the Custom Rev Pro 3.0 and Custom Rev 3.0. Look for the new Gamer 3.0, Force 3.0 and JE11 by Cutters gloves to launch later in the spring, all featuring the new logo.

We’re obsessed with football. We live for the flashy, freaky, edgy, tenacious moments on the gridiron that create and inspire greatness. We were made for this, and we know you are too.

This is Cutters cutting through.