Football Receiver Gloves

You remember Julian Edelman's catch in The Big Game, don't you? Deflected pass wobbling through the air, a swarm of defenders surrounding him and somehow Edelman was able to snag the ball inches away from the ground. It was a key moment in the sport's biggest game, and likely the biggest moment in Edelman's career.

Good thing he was wearing his signature JE11 Cutters gloves during this play! Our high-end receiver gloves feature our patented C-TACK® technology, which gives you the ability to make highlight-reel catches you never thought you could make. Not only will you be able to receive the ball better, but our gloves are built to last as well. If you feel that the grip is starting to fade a bit, simply give it a rinse with a moist towel and they will be as good as new. It's time to start making your own highlights!

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