Lineman Football Gloves

Football gloves undoubtedly help with throwing, receiving and carrying a football. But believe it or not, ball handlers are not the only ones who can benefit from Cutters football gloves. It turns out the big boys in the trenches can also use a little extra grip as they try to dominate the person they're lined up against.

Offensive and defensive linemen need gloves that can simultaneously enhance their grip and take a beating throughout a game. Every play involves violently grappling and jostling for position, so it is important that these gloves can handle the grind of a football game. Cutters gloves can do that. Our linemen gloves still feature our trademark C-TACK® grip, while also providing added padding around the back of the hand and increased wrist support. With Cutters gloves, an offensive or defensive lineman can effectively grab onto his man for all four quarters.

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