Gloves have become a hot commodity for some of today’s best athletes. Now more than ever, advancements in this area of sports apparel can make the difference between good and great on the field. Cutters remains at the forefront on this evolution. The purposes of wearing gloves are simple enough. They must provide the wearer with an enhanced grip, be long-lasting, and perform well in all weather conditions. Cutters’ C-TACK™ Performance Grip accomplishes all these goals and more.C-TACK™ technology not only provides athletes with a tacky, rubbery material that greatly enhances grip, but it also allows them to perform under any conditions. The wearer can simply wipe down his or her Cutters gloves with a moist towel to restore the C-TACK™ magic. These sharp-looking gloves are built to last, as a machine wash after a tough game makes them feel like you just took them off the rack. Trust in Cutters gloves, and your grip will improve for the long haul, as will your numbers on the field.

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