All You Need to Know About Football Gloves and Wrist Support

When guys like Tom Brady, Kurt Warner and Peyton Manning start wearing football gloves, it’s worth it to take a closer look at them and what they can do for you. With the recent interest in football gloves and their grip-enhancing abilities, you probably want to get the details behind them and make sure you get the right pair. With so many options on the market today, finding the right pair can seem like a cumbersome task. No need to worry. We are going to break down the basics of what you want to look for in a pair of football gloves and how to support your wrists as well.

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Hand Strengthening Exercises Every Football Player Should Try

The beautiful gladiator sport that is football features incredible feats of athleticism on every single play. From stocky running backs who run faster than a speeding bullet, to hulking defensive linemen who are more powerful than a locomotive, to sculpted wide receivers with the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, football has no shortage of superhumans. These players are strong from head to toe, spending countless hours preparing their bodies for the battles that occur on the gridiron. Continue reading “Hand Strengthening Exercises Every Football Player Should Try”

What it Takes to Make it to the Hall of Fame

Making it to the Hall of Fame is something that any kid dreams about when they’re playing in the backyard. All who grew up throwing the pigskin with dad imagined playing professionally, winning championships and ultimately getting a bust in Canton, Ohio. It is the ultimate pinnacle of sporting success, proof that a player succeeded at the highest level for an entire career. Continue reading “What it Takes to Make it to the Hall of Fame”

Football Glove Technology and How to Choose Based on Your Position

You’re in the final game of a long and grueling tournament with the championship on the line. Five seconds left on the clock, and you’re down by 4 points with 25 yards to the end zone. The play commences, and you make a dash for the end zone. Your quarterback releases a picture-perfect pass that’s landing in the perfect spot. You have the speed, the drive, and the hustle to get there. As you approach the end zone, the football descends towards your direction…you jump for it and bobble it in the air, incomplete pass! You lost the game, so close but yet so far. If only you had a bit more of a firm grasp on the football, your coach would be getting a water cooler full of ice dumped on him right now, and you would be the hero! Your gloves let you down, but you let your team down. Don’t make this a reality, know how to find the best football gloves for you, and say goodbye to all the ‘what if’ scenarios. Continue reading “Football Glove Technology and How to Choose Based on Your Position”

The Evolution of the One-Handed Grab

evolution one-handed grab

As the game of football has progressed, so too has the capabilities of the modern player. Today’s stars are bigger, stronger, and faster than their predecessors, as is the natural path of human evolution. Couple this with the advancements in the equipment being used on the gridiron, and the capabilities have become nearly limitless for the types of plays that can occur. Continue reading “The Evolution of the One-Handed Grab”

Athlete Spotlight: Julian Edelman

Athlete Spotlight Julian Edelman

As the blue and red confetti descended upon the victorious Patriots after the Big Game LI, few, if any, of New England’s stars shone brighter than Julian Edelman. He had had a good game, sure, with 87 receiving yards on five receptions. However, his stat line was dwarfed by one of the most spectacular moments in football history. With the Patriots down by eight and driving late in the 4th quarter, attempting to finish their climb out of a 28-3 hole, Tom Brady made a rare mistake. His ill-advised pass over the middle was intended for Edelman, but Edelman was not the first to get a piece of the ball. Robert Alford, who had returned a Brady pass for a touchdown earlier in the game, tipped it up in the air before it reached its intended receiver. It was now Edelman, all 5’10” and 198 lbs. of him, against three Atlanta Falcon defenders. Known throughout his career as an all-out, hard-nosed player, he earned these billings on this play. It bounced off arms, legs, and feet, before somehow, someway, a diving Edelman and his bright red Cutters gloves were able to corral it in as it hovered inches above the ground. What should have been an interception and the end of the Patriots’ season turned into a first down and a lifesaver for Brady and New England. Edelman will now be mentioned in the same breath as David Tyree, Santonio Holmes, and Lynn Swann, whose mesmerizing catches on the biggest stage will make them immortal in football history. Continue reading “Athlete Spotlight: Julian Edelman”