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Why Should You Wear Football Gloves?

By Cutters 10 months ago

Tune into professional football on Sunday or college football on Saturday or high school football for that matter, and what will you find? Players wearing football gloves. These pieces of equipment have become as much a part of America’s most-watched sport as helmets.

But why exactly have they become so popular? This is more than just a fad. Football gloves have progressively increased in popularity for decades now, with no sign of slowing down. Here are just a few of the many reasons people have turned to football gloves in order to give them an edge on the gridiron.


Any football glove that is worthwhile will increase the quality of a player’s grip. This is the most well-known benefit of these products, and it is a big reason people wear them in the first place.

Football gloves feature a rubbery, tacky material on the palm and fingertips that help players catch and hold onto the ball. As a result, many players have become known for mesmerizing one-handed catches, which would likely not have happened had they not been wearing football gloves. If you want to catch the ball better than you ever have, this is exactly the piece of equipment you need.


Have you ever tried to play football in frigid temperatures? It’s terrible. The hands present particular difficulties for football players in the cold, for they lose sensation and make it difficult to throw, catch and hold onto a football. Needless to say, cold weather and bare hands do not mix.

Not only is cold weather a tough task for a football player, but cuts and bruises can also wreak havoc on a professional’s hands. These injuries are incidental in football, as violent collisions and falls naturally lend themselves to nicks and dings.

With football gloves, however, it is much easier to keep your hands safe no matter what the weather or other conditions are like. Even quarterbacks will wear gloves during certain games, as a cold, numb hand that is also being slammed to the ground is almost worthless to a signal caller. It would behoove you to take the extra precaution of taking care of your hands. Wear those gloves.


There’s no denying it. Football gloves are really cool. Many of them now feature intricate designs that display the team’s mascot and/or colors and are fully customizable to the wearer. For this reason, investing in football gloves does not just boost your performance on the field but your aesthetics on it, as well.

As the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good — and when you feel good, you play good. Football gloves are an excellent way to get a player to feel good about his look, making it a key addition to your gameday wardrobe.

Time to Buy-In

Companies like Cutters have been on the cutting edge of the football glove market for quite some time now. They feature a plethora of options, ranging from standard football gloves to custom football gloves to youth football gloves for the kids. If you are looking to up your game in more ways than one, this company can be trusted to deliver for you.

Football gloves are a very important part of today’s game. Without them, much of the action we see every weekend on television would be vastly different. Would Odell Beckham Jr. have made that famous one-handed catch without his gloves? Would Julian Edelman have been able to pluck the ball away from a sea of Falcons defenders in Super Bowl LI without his signature red gloves? Football gloves are the present and the future when it comes to football. It’s time to start making some show-stopping plays of your own.
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